Peace begins with the individual ...

We all deserve a balanced life; to have a healthier, wholistic and more meaningful existence and to experience joy – to be IRENIC. Branching Spirit grew from the love and respect of Mother Earth and a deep reverence for her guardians, the Trees. Drawing on the majesty, potency and stillness of the trees, you are invited to connect with your strength and wisdom to embrace change.

I encourage you to tap into your own potential, to become empowered, to find greater clarity and to connect with your inner stillness. Let me guide and support you along your journey.

I can empathise with those seeking a solution to physical, mental and emotional pain. Having experienced chronic illness, I chose to fight and to transform myself, from inside to out, by connecting Heart, Mind & Soul. Branching Spirit stems from this wholistic connection.

Yoga and Meditation were an intrinsic part of my transformative journey. Practicing Dru since 2000 and reaping its many benefits, I chose to deepen my insights and practice in order to support others on their road to healing and wisdom. As an accredited Dru teacher, my mission is to transform the world by giving people the tools to transform themselves. 

Branching Spirit combines my deep commitment to life-long learning and self-discovery with extensive teaching expertise (both educationally and spiritually). I offer Dru Yoga, Relaxation & Meditation Classes plus Energy Work to initiate flow and balance within yourself, your living and working environments - Healings and House Clearings.

Branching Spirit also sells unique Spiritual Jewellery sourced from artisans and ethical suppliers and then gives back - supporting local Balinese communities. All unique statement pieces are energetically cleansed & blessed for the highest good of the wearer. 


Teacher of Dru Yoga, Relaxation & Meditation 2012-20

The Water Trio Astrology Retreat 2020

Student of Dru Yoga 2000-2020

Beginner Astrology Workshop, Kelly Surtees 2017

Crystal Healing Level 1 2015

Dru Meditation Teacher Diploma 2010-12

Earth Healing Level 1 2008

Earth Healing Introductory 2007

Higher Self Integration through Dimensional Healing 2003

Certificate in Advanced Achievement in Parapsychology 2001-2

Messages from Your Angels Workshop, Doreen Virtue 2001