The frenetic pace of life, the interactions we have with others and the increased dependence on technology seriously impact upon our wellbeing. This may create blocks that are stored in the energy fields of our bodies, homes, workplaces and in turn obstruct the vital flow of energy, affecting the fine balance between Heart, Mind & Soul. With time this may result in dis-ease. Therefore, it is very important to allow ourselves time to heal and to ensure the places we live, play and work in really do positively support us.

Healings & Clearings initiate flow, balance & initiate change. 

The time required is dependant upon your particular circumstances and needs.

For example, the extent of blockage, size of the property and activity etc.


Energetic Assessment

Release of blockages 

Initiation of healing

Cleansing & Balancing Chakras 

Removal of Negative Thought Forms

Astral Body Dis-Entanglements 

Removal of Entity Attachments
Crystal Healing
Energetic Assessment
Clearing of energies & entities
Cleansing & balancing
Earth Healing
Increasing flow & harmony