The frenetic pace of life, the interactions we have with others & the increased dependence on technology seriously impact upon our wellbeing. This may create blocks that are stored in the energy fields of our bodies, homes & workplaces & in turn obstruct the vital flow of energy, affecting the fine balance between Heart, Mind & Soul. With time this may result in dis-ease. Therefore, it is very important to allow ourselves time to heal & to ensure the places we live, play & work in really do positively support us.

Healings & Clearings initiate flow, balance & initiate change. 

The time required is dependant upon your particular circumstances & needs.

For example, the extent of blockage, size of the property & activity etc.


Energetic Assessment

Release of blockages 

Initiation of healing

Cleansing & Balancing Chakras 

Removal of Negative Thought Forms

Astral Body Dis-Entanglements 

Removal of Entity Attachments
Crystal Healing
Energetic Assessment
Clearing of energies & entities
Cleansing & balancing
Earth Healing
Increasing flow & harmony