"Absolutely love Irene’s Dru Meditation. I instantly felt welcomed as a beginner and I’ve learnt so much from her. I always look forward to our session; it’s one of the highlights of my week. Can’t recommend her highly enough." (attended Studio classes & private sessions in her own home)

"I have been doing DRU Yoga & Meditation almost weekly for over 5 years with Irene. It is amazing and I look forward to our sessions. My pain (from Auto-immune Disease) has decreased and is almost non-existent. My range of movement has improved markedly. I relax and settle with each session and manage to carry this forward into my week at work." (a GP with weekly private sessions in her home)

"Irene has the most unique pieces of jewelry. Hand made and blessed ready to find new homes .. the energy of the crystal's are very poweful .... if you can't find what your looking for its no trouble at all for the beautiful soul she is , to search for what you feel you need for your own healing on your journey in life. much love n gratitude... Namaste"

"Irene your collection of jewelry is gorgeous. I love my rings I have purchased from you such beautiful energy they carry."

"Thank you Branching Spirit for your time & patience. I’m so happy with my spinner ring. Love life and Rainbows X"

"I would recommend everyone to have a house clearing with Irene. It changed everything for the better. The energy in the house was changed completely to a more open, clear and strong happy vibration. It made me feel strong and no longer vulnerable. The footprints of energy of the previous owners (suicide in the home) were completely removed, which I could never get rid of until Irene's house clearing. My husband was a sceptic but not any more. We are both very happy with the home clearing." (a BUSINESS OWNER whose home 

& business were cleared & cleansed)

"Irene was incredibly helpful, wise and thorough in meeting our need to ensure our space was clean, calm and reassuring. Our clients have commented on what a lovely energy the reception contains and then are even more effusive about individual rooms." (a COUNSELLOR whose suite of offices are annually cleared & cleansed)

"First meditation class tonight and I absolutely loved it. Felt so good to shake, stretch, ground and breathe. Can't wait for next week. So chilled and looking forward to a good night's sleep. Thank you!!!" (NEW student, her 1st Dru experience)                                                                   

"Thank u thank u - I had the deepest best sleep I've had for ages last night - no waking multiple times during the night - no head stuff going on - just deeeep peaceful warm restful sleep." (NEW student to Dru Meditation)